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A system that works!

Does this sound familiar?

You're spending too much time on manual tasks and want your time back.

You long for a system that fully supports your business.

You want the back-end of your business to match the top-notch business owner you are.

Your clients deserve better and you're ready to deliver.

It's all possible and very much within reach. 

With Dubsado's powerful features and my design thinking, I'm here to create and build a nurturing sequence for your clients that's thoughtful, fits your brand messaging like a glove, and takes you from overwhelmed to                      


My Full Dubsado System Setup & Design is an 8-week done for you Dubsado setup and client experience roadmap.

Tailored to your unique business, this setup includes client process mapping, email templates, custom branded forms, a full Dubsado build, and a client experience toolkit complete with SOPs, Client Guides, and more!

But most importantly, it's a system designed with heart.

In just 8 weeks, you'll have a process that's built to create a client list of raving fans and takes the load off so you can effortlessly deliver an amazing experience to them. You'll also receive a toolkit that supports you as you scale, walkthrough videos to help you easily manage your processes, and access to additional support to ensure long-term success.

As someone who is allergic to the finer details of tech, she helped me organize my thoughts and proposed a well-structured workflow that provided structure without feeling limiting. That was important to me because of the personalized nature of my services. I was able to tell her what functionality I envisioned and she returned a variety of solutions to consider. I now have a system that supports my business and helps me serve my clients without the energy drain. Even if I had spent tens of hours watching videos and learning the platform, I could never have had this level of customization or support without her!

- Kim, Pattern of Purpose

Moya is a Dubsado wiz!


the investment:

or 2 payments of $1900

After gathering all of the details to get started and discussing your pain points and wish list items, I'll dive right in!

*PS/ Client Experience Audits and Dubsado Refreshers are also available!

You'll receive:

* custom for up to 3 service workflows

You will also receive exclusive access to my client experience newsletter to keep you up to date on any new Dubsado features, help you get the most out of your system, and offer further ways to enhance your client experience as your business evolves.


Client Journey Map

Email Templates

Branded Forms

Full Dubsado Build

Seamless Workflows

Walkthrough Videos

SOP Documents

Client Gift Guide

Systems Audit Checklist

Post-Project Support

Client Process Mapping + Email Templates

(2 weeks)

sprint 1

Building your client processes for each phase of the client experience, and preparing all client communication - this will be our building blocks for the project

Custom Branded Forms

(2 weeks)

sprint 2

Bringing everything to life visually with form templates and client guides custom designed with your branding elements and images

Dubsado Buildout

(2 weeks)

sprint 3

Following the client process map, everything is setup and all workflows are created and tested

Toolkit Creation

(2 weeks)

sprint 4

Outfitting you with a CEO client toolkit with SOPs for your system setup, a custom client journey map, custom client gift guide, and system audit checklist

Post-Project Support

(2 weeks)

sprint 5

Voxer access to send me any questions or final tweaks to address in real time

How it works

sprint 4

Dubsado pro with a heart for small businesses, creativity, design, the client experience, and most importantly, helping female business owners achieve their goals and thrive both professionally and personally.

For me, it's not about "checking the box". I will take the time to understand your business, the needs of your clients, and grasp the bigger vision for your company - that's my sweet spot.

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Frequently Asked


Is there a payment plan?

Yes, you have the option to either pay in full or split the total cost into two payments of $1,900 each.

How long is the process?

Your full client experience setup will be completed in 10 weeks - 8 weeks for the full setup and 2 weeks of Voxer support to address any final questions you may have.

Will you train me on the Dubsado system you setup for me?

Absolutely! You will receive walkthrough videos and guides to help you easily navigate the system and continue delivering an exceptional experience to your clients. You'll also get exclusive access to my client experience newsletter so you're always in the loop on Dubsado updates and ways to further enhance your client processes.

What do I need to have prepared before I hire you?

I will send you a complete checklist of items needed for the project. Key items are branding details, images, contracts, and your services/offers.

How will we communicate during the project?

We'll have a 60-minute strategy call to get started and then communicate via email and program comments for feedback throughout the process. You will also receive a link to view project milestones so you always have a pulse on where we are and what has been completed. Then, during our final week together, we'll hang out in Voxer, a walkie-talkie style app for fast communication via voice and text.

Will I get SYSTEM updates?

After the project has ended, I am available to offer additional support via my monthly client experience newsletter and scheduled 1:1 strategy sessions. Information about these two support options will be provided at the end of the project.

It's time to position your business to support its most important assets - you and your clients.