Easy Yet Effective Ways To Use ChatGPT For Your Client Experience

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ChatGPT have generated so much buzz recently and rightfully so! ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can increase efficiency and in many ways, change the way we do work for the better. Many customer-focused programs have AI components that help drive favorable results. However, they can be costly and will require […]

How To Strengthen Client Relationships And Stand Out With Your Client Gifts

There’s a natural rhythm to the way we run our creative service businesses that’s helpful for a number of reasons. It creates a level of assurance, predictability, and confidence that we’re doing business right. As clients work with various service businesses, they also flow through similar workflow stages and funnels that can feel predictable. They’ll receive a proposal, onboarding packet or email, forms to complete, and a feedback request. Predictable right?! Well, if you’re not careful, your client experience can fall into the ‘blah’ category. We don’t want that. One way to shake things up—client gifts.

Mistakes You Could Be Making When Automating Your Client Experience

There are a lot of tasks and responsibilities on our plates as business owners. As a result, automation plays a key role in taking the load off, especially as we strive to deliver an amazing client experience. However, automating your client experience must be approached with thought and intention; otherwise, mistakes are bound to happen. And those mistakes are costly! I see them regularly when performing client experience audits for my clients and I want to make sure you can avoid them too. Here are 3 mistakes you could be making when automating your client experience and what you can do to avoid them.

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